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  • E. J. Nowicki

Book Worksheet: Protagonist vs. Antagonist

Updated: Jul 6

Good guys and bad guys. What every good book needs. They can be conflicted, even change positions throughout the story but at some point, every story needs someone on the good side and someone to oppose them.

And so, here is a worksheet just for those good and bad characters—I mean, for all those carefully crafted protagonists and antagonists. The heroes and the villains. The right and the wrong. However you want to say it!

To read more about the worksheet scroll below: For the PDF's of this worksheet, click the pictures below:

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As always, a worksheet about books has to have a spot for the book title and author. For this worksheet (as with many others), it's listed at the top. Nice and easy to see.

Below that, the page is separated into two different columns. One for the protagonist(s), one for the antagonist(s). With the same three questions to think about for both sides:

Describe the character(s).

What makes them good or bad.

How did they change.

Then I've given a space for a summary of the book and the five-star outlines to rate it.

And there you have it! A great worksheet all about either side of the story—the good and the bad!

Happy Reading!


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