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Having Fun At Home With A Book: Reading For Fun Worksheet

School might be out! But reading surely never ends! And so, why not a fun worksheet to pass the time away after reading a great book...

I hope everyone, everywhere, is staying healthy, being safe, and enjoying more family-time then anyone could guess was going to happen. But even in these times, books are there to be a comfort, stress-reducer, escape, and so much more.

Let's not only set the example to read for ourselves, but get all those kids to pick up books. It's even a great time to perhaps let kids pick out some books for themselves, where they can read more than just what's in the school curriculum (although those books are all important and great, too!).

So without further ado, I give you below: Having Fun At Home With A Book.

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With this worksheet, as I hope everyone is doing at home, I just wanted to have a lot of fun.

Things start off at the top with a quick question to give kids the chance to answer: School might be out but I'm still going to read because...

The choices listed are: I love finding new stories, I like meeting new characters, It makes me happy, it passes the time, My parents are making me (I hope that's every parent—kids need to read!), or Other—where they can write in their own answer.

After that, comes the specifics for the book with title and author spots.

And then a few broad questions to have fun with: Describe the book in three words, Did any of the characters read a book, and What was the main character's home like?

Lastly, always, a space for a summary and five-star review.

And there you have it!

I wish everyone all good health, fun times, and lots of comforts during this time!




Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and opinions to be taken in a non-professional manner. All worksheets on my site are free to use.

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