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E. J. Nowicki spent her childhood reading every book of The Boxcar Children Series she could get her hands on…followed by The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy series. Her love of mysteries expanded to the love of adventure and eventually to every kind of book. But as much as she enjoys reading she loves capturing her own stories down on paper. With a B. S. in Psychology and over 25 years of studying the piano, she likes to focus on emotions and mix in musical themes whenever possible. She’s had multiple short stories purchased by Highlights for Children and Pockets and, on the adult side of things, won in Honorable Mention in the 2018 Rochester Writer’s Summer Writing Contest for her flash fiction story, Make the Call. When she doesn’t have a pen in hand she’s, not surprisingly, playing away at the piano and oftentimes is caught wondering, “Just how much fur can one long-haired cat shed?”

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