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Reading For Fun Worksheets: Book Swap, Word Bank, and Pick A Character

Yep, you read the title right. Three worksheets to talk about. But for all those who've visited my running list of worksheets, these won't look very new. It seems I got a little behind in my write-ups and thought I'd combine these three and get them out there!

So below, I have a worksheet I like to call Book Swap, which can be used with a friend to help recommend books. Who doesn't want more book recommendations in their lives? That's right, no one.

Click here for the PDF of Book Swap

Click here for a landscape version

Underneath that, I have a fun, playful worksheet I like to call Word Bank.

Click here for the PDF of Word Bank

Click here for a landscape version

And thirdly, a worksheet that's all about a character. Any character!

Click here for the PDF of Pick A Character

Click here for the landscape version

And finally, click HERE to see all my worksheets

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Click below to print (PDF):

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Worksheet 11: Book Swap

Worksheet 11: Book Swap Landscape

This is a great worksheet to use with a friend, librarian, teacher, family member...or so on. There's also the idea of printing two, so when you find this friend you can truly swap ideas!

The top portion of the worksheet is for your book swap partner's name, who they are, what book they recommend, the author's name, and why they recommend it. There is also a star rating for what they thought of the recommended book. I hope they give the book a five, since they are recommending it, after all.

The lower section of this worksheet is about a book you (or your child...or anyone who is doing this worksheet) recommends. There is space for the book title, author, why you are recommending it, a five-star rating, and a summary of the book.

And there you have it, a great fun worksheet to share with a friend and get awesome book ideas!



Click below to print (PDF):

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Worksheet #12: Word Bank

Worksheet #12: Word Bank Landscape

A word bank! It's as easy as one, two, three. Or at least as easy as reading each word and deciding if it fits the book that was just read. Circle all the words that apply. Maybe write some new words in the blank spots. It's all for fun!

And don't forget to fill in the book title, author's name, and give the book a rating!



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Worksheet 13: Pick A Character

Worksheet 13: Pick A Character Landscape

A book isn't possible without some great characters. So why not a worksheet just for them?

In this worksheet, you pick a character and fill in the questions. It's a great way to really think about the character involved in the book.

After the character's name, fill in what kind of character it is (that is: bad guy, good guy, side-kick, background character...). And then let everyone know what the character looked like, what some personality traits were, if they had any fun quirks, and any other notes that need to be written that I didn't ask.

The last two questions are if the character changed throughout the book and what you thought about the character.

And of course, book title, author's name, summary, and five-star rating!

There you have it!

Happy Reading!



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Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and opinions to be taken in a non-professional manner. All worksheets on my site are free to use.

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