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Reading For Fun: Back To School

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

It's that time of year. Office supply store sales, back to school ads, and the smell of sharpened pencils.

Why not a worksheet to celebrate this monumental time?

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When I was thinking ahead to September I first started to get a lot of ideas for a Labor Day worksheet. But then, I found myself creating pencils and pieces of lined paper...and voila, a Back To School worksheet emerged. Labor Day might have to wait until next year. But for now, everyone can enjoy getting back into school schedule's and kids can start to wonder all the interesting things they're going to get to learn!

As for the worksheet: Under the space for Book Title, Author, and Summary, I have some great questions. I'm hoping they not only capture the idea of the book that was just read but also the feel of this time of year.

The questions about the book are as followed:

"Was there a school in the book?"

"What kinds of things did the main character learn in the book?" (not necessarily in school, but anywhere) "What do you think the main characters favorite subject was?" (A bit on the creative side and great chance to work out deductive reasoning skills—and the best part is, there's no wrong answer!)

On the flip side, the questions to think about and capture this time of year are:

"What are your hopes for this school year?"

"What grade are you going into?"

"What do you hope to learn this year?" (Again, doesn't necessarily have to be about school)

"What's your favorite subject?"

To round things out, the five-star rating is placed on the side. Show how much, or how little, the book was liked!

And there you have it!


Click below to print (PDF):

Happy reading! And have a great time with the beginning of school!




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