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Reading For Fun: Favorite Things Worksheet

Updated: Mar 22, 2019


What's something everyone loves to talk about?

Their favorite things, of course!

So this worksheet I am naming: Favorite Things.

As with all my worksheets, they are just for fun. There's no pressure of a grade, just a simple way to record thoughts, opinions, and ideas for kids to look back on and get a sense of the accomplishment they've achieved by reading.

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All my worksheets are free! So please, enjoy!

To read more about the worksheet, continue below.


First off, are spaces to write the book title and author. Which, I am sure everyone agrees, are very important bits of information for a worksheet about reading.

Under that are three circles. The first is a space to write the genre of the book. With so many different genres to try it's great to recognize which one the book that was just read is from. It can be as simple of an answer as FICTION or NON-FICTION. And then branch out from that: mystery, fantasy, adventure, thriller, science-fiction, historical fiction, crime, literary fiction... Kids can try and vary up their reading to try different genres, or maybe notice a trend of the genre they enjoy.

The second circle is for the date they finished the book. It's not meant to imply that the book has to be read fast or in a certain amount of time, just a spot where information can be recorded. Kids can look back and see that they finished the book on that specific day, just like we can look back and see we took a picture on a specific day. It's just for fun!

And the third circle is again, just a fun bit of information to record: the number of pages in the book. It is only meant to be fun, finishing a book is finishing a book no matter the length. And with different editions and printings, the book-length may be different depending on the copy that was used. Even so, it's fun to know.

Below the circles are three sections to record favorite things:

On the left, areas to record three favorite parts of the story.

In the middle, three favorite things about the main character.

On the right, three other favorite things.

No wrong answers here, only helpful things to look back on and remind kids what there favorite parts of the book were, hopefully reminding them of the fun they had while reading and get them to want to read more.

Also, favorite parts of stories and characters are great conversation starters and great ways to gently have kids think about a lot of information they've read and pick the spots that they enjoyed.

Under the favorite things section is a spot for a summary of the book. I always recommend that the back of the page is free if the summary runs long!

And finally the last part is the five-star rating. Kids can color in as little or as much as they want to show how much the liked or didn't like the book. They can compare with friends or keep as a reminder to them about their final thoughts about the book. No matter the rating, the important thing is, they read the book.

There you have it! To get to the printable PDF version, click below:



Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and opinions to be taken in a non-professional manner. All worksheets on my site are free to use.

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