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Reading For Fun Worksheet: St. Patrick's Day

Updated: Feb 17, 2020


Happy St. Patrick's Day! With a day full of Irish cheer, rainbows, and Leprechauns it's only right to have a worksheet to celebrate any book read around this time of year.

And so I give you: St. Patrick's Day.

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A St. Patrick's Day worksheet that hardly needs any explanation.

Of course, there is a spot at the top for Book Title and Author Name. And a space for a short summary of the book and five-star rating.

But the majority of the sheet is a giant pot of gold that has spilled over with ten coins pouring out.

And that gives kids the chance to write ten things to describe the book. It can be single words like happy or exciting or whole sentences or bits of scenes or character names. Anything that's worth writing down is something that stuck out in the reader's mind and is certainly worth writing down.

As I was filling out the worksheet for myself, I happened to just read a non-fiction book and found the coins a perfect place to write down facts I'd learned about crows—very smart birds.

And there you have it. Simple, fast, and a whole lot of fun.


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And everyone, have a safe day full of green everything and tons of smiles!

Happy Reading!


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