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Reading For Fun: New Year's Worksheet

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Happy New Year!

And what better than a worksheet to celebrate? So, break out the party supplies, grab a book, and then finish the end of the year with a worksheet!

To print the New Years worksheet, click below:



And now, for a break-down of the worksheet:

For a festive change from boxes and circles, four stars are available to answer four questions about the book that was read. This worksheet works for any book, it doesn't have to be related to New Years at all!

The first question is 'What was your favorite part of the book'. A great question for kids to think over the entire story they've read and share the one spot that stands out to them the most.

The next question is about what year the book was written. As we all know books, especially good ones, withstand the test of time and this is a great way to show kids that the book may have been written quite a few years ago. Or, then again, it may be fresh off the press. For the answer, most books have the published date or copyright year on the very first pages, before the story begins. It's a great way for kids to look at that information and see it holds interesting information.

The next question is 'How did the main character change throughout the story'. Just like how we may have changed throughout the year, hopefully the main character of the story changed throughout the story. Did the main character learn something? Did they reaffirm what they already knew? Did they do something to help them grow as a person?

And a fun last question is what their New Year's resolution is this year. If anyone is having trouble coming up with one, I'll give you nudge: READ MORE BOOKS THIS YEAR!

Underneath all that is a spot for a quick summary of the book. The blank back-side of the page is great extra space if needed.

And lastly, is the stars to mark their rating. They don't have to color anything if it was the worst book ever. Or they can color all five stars if it is the greatest. And they can color anything in between to match their opinions.

I wish everyone the best end of the year times and a great start to the new year!


Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and opinions to be taken in a non-professional manner. All worksheets on my site are free to use.

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