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  • E. J. Nowicki

Magazine News and New Year's Update!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

With 2022 just around the corner I have some exciting news!

I’d like to announce that one of my flash fiction adult stories has been accepted by Factor Four Magazine!

Factor Four Magazine is an online publication set to relaunch in January with monthly flash-fiction stories in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural, and Superhero realms. They are also planning print anthologies, so keep them on your radar to see the exciting things they are doing.

My paranormal story is set for issue 8. Mark your calendars for February!

I also have some more worksheet ideas in the works. Stayed tuned for when I’m able to get them up and running. If you’d like to receive an e-mail when anything new is posted, feel free to sign up for my newsletter.

And, of course, I’m plugging away on my longer works. Writing, editing, querying… I’m always geared up and excited to be working on my writings.

I wish everyone a great start to 2022!


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