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  • E. J. Nowicki

December of 2020 Highlights Magazine

With exciting news to share, I'd like to jump right in:

Highlights for Children has scheduled my science-fiction story for publication in their December 2020 issue! There is always a chance that something might shift on their schedule but the chances are high it will be published.

I'm excited and honored for my story to come out where everyone can see and enjoy it. The team at Highlights—completely amazing people—was even nice enough to let me review and comment on their edits. And I have to say they've handled the piece absolutely, positively wonderfully. I can't wait for everyone to enjoy, it's a lot of fun! Thank you so much to the editor in charge of my story, she completely understands my vision and all her hard work and dedication really makes the story shine!

If you aren't familiar with Highlights for Children, or you're looking to start a subscription, or just want to see what their website looks like right now, here is the link: HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN MAGAZINE.

Of course, I'll continue to update if anything changes but everyone gear up to get their copy of Highlights this December! (And all the other months, too—they'll be great stories in them, even if they aren't mine!)

I hope everyone is being safe and staying healthy during this COVID-19 time and doing what they need to feel comfortable as, hopefully, everything opens up! Let's plan to have a fun summer—not a frightful one, even if there are extra guidelines and precautions we should all take!

As every post needs a picture, below are some flowers from my garden. As I walked around trying to find something winter-white to match the December news, these are what I found. I hope these happy little flowers spread their happiness to you!


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