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Updates and Congrats to K.C. in Bringing Awareness to Alzheimer's Disease and Care Partners

Updated: Mar 22, 2020



I hope everyone’s been having a great start to the year...although now that the end of February is upon us I guess we’re all settled into 2020. It’s been a while since I was able to update and with a little bit of sun finally shining down I thought this was a great opportunity.

‘Settled in’ is probably the greatest way to say how things are going. I’m writing, editing, writing more, sending things out, writing even more...and I’m loving every minute.

But I’d like to stop and give a great big warm ‘congratulations’ to a friend, K. C. Mehta, who’s been working to share his Journey as a care partner to his wife, Sumi, who has Alzheimer’s disease. I met K. C. in a writing critique group and as my grandma also has Alzheimer’s disease I completely got where he’s coming from. I was also happy and lucky to work with K. C. to edit some of his journal-type writings.

For everyone who’s been touched by this disease in some way or those who just want to know, I’d like to share with you links to the great successes K. C.’s achieved in sharing his Journey.

The Indian Scene, an online magazine, posted a two-part article. You can see PART ONE HERE or PART TWO HERE.

Also, Danialle Karmanos has recently interviewed K. C. and posted the podcast. It’s on her site: Karma Has Spoken. You can go to her website to hear the PODCAST HERE.

And congrats, K.C. on your radio interview last November and winning the essay contest for the Area Agency on Aging 1-B. I can only say that I’m so happy for you!

Alzheimer’s disease affects everyone differently, so what’s typical in one case isn’t always typical for another. And as the person with the disease changes, so does their care partner. Learning about the disease is just one aspect a care partner goes through. Sometimes—most times—there’s a total shift in how you talk to and help and be with the person with the disease.

But I don’t want to take up anyone’s time too much getting into all that, so please read the article above, listen to the podcast, and if you are care partner don’t be afraid to reach out to others to help you with your own Journey. Support groups, talking with friends, reading books, being creative, do whatever you need to do to help yourself so you can then help others.

On the lighter side of things, visiting my grandma at the nursing home I saw she’s been responding really great to a motorized realistic cat the facility has. When it’s turned on it purrs, meows, moves its head and eyes and ears, and even rotates to show it’s belly. My grandma likes to talk to it, and it’s been a source of great comfort to her and a great distraction from her sad thoughts.

I think I found the same cat on AMAZON, HERE, if anyone knows of someone it might help. It’s got great reviews. It might look a little creepy at first (they try and make it look realistic but it’s still a robot with glass eyes, if you know what I mean) but for the amount of joy it’s given my grandma it’s a godsend.

Hope everyone has a great week and congrats, again, K. C.!




K.C. has also recently been featured in a three-part article written by the editors at A Healthier Michigan.

I've included the links below for anyone who is interested:

Again, congrats K.C.!


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