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Reading For Fun Worksheet: Traditional

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Let the fun begin!

I'm officially naming this worksheet 'Traditional'. It's a clean, classic looking worksheet for kids to record anything they want about the book they've just finished.

As with all my worksheets, they are just for fun. There's no pressure of a grade, just a simple way to record thoughts, opinions, and ideas to look back on and get a sense of the accomplishment they've achieved by reading.

I know what everyone wants the picture, here it is with a description of the different elements underneath:

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As always, all my worksheets are free to use!


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At the top, there is room for the book title and author followed by a five-star rating. Kids can color in as little or as much as they want to show how much they liked the book. It's an easy way for them to look back and see which books they've enjoyed.

Underneath that is an area for a summary of the book. They can write as little or as much as they want. If they want to go real in-depth, there is the whole clean backside of the page to continue on.

Next to the summary is an area to describe the setting (locations the book took place). It can be one word, a list of places, a geographical location or really anything! This is just for fun!

Underneath the setting section is a prompt for fun parts of the story. I'm sure no explanation is needed—they can write about what they found makes the story fun. Maybe there's magic, maybe it's a character, maybe it's the entire book. This is a great section, if you're talking with your child about the book, to bring up what they wrote. Who doesn't like talking about the fun parts of stories?

Another great section to bring up in conversation is about their favorite character. What made the character great? In what ways did your child identify with them? It's also is a great way for your child to look back on the worksheet and remember all the favorite characters they've had, hopefully encouraging them to want to find more favorite characters.

And the last section is for other notes. It can be anything! It can be nothing! Really it's a space for anything extra that wants to be written down. I use it to make notes on writing style and themes but I'm guessing kids will find more creative ways to use the space. It doesn't even have to be about the book, they can write about where they read it, how they found out about it, the picture on the cover—or even all the ways they didn't like it. It's a free space for anything.

And that, everyone, is all about the Traditional worksheet. If you'd like to print a copy, click below to take you to the PDF version (there is also a landscape option):

Please enjoy!


Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and opinions to be taken in a non-professional manner. All worksheets on my site are free to use.

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