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Reading For Fun Worksheet: Easter


Happy Spring! Hopefully, everyone can enjoy the warming weather as we approach Easter.

And what better than an Easter-themed worksheet? It's a great way for kids to keep track of the books they read and to add even more fun to reading as a whole. All my worksheets are free to print and use, so enjoy!

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Even though it's Easter, you can't have a worksheet about books without a spot to record book title and author. Right at the top are lines to do just that.

But as soon as those specifics are taken care of, the Easter fun begins. Six lines are given, each with a letter that when read downwards spell: EASTER. And on each line kids can think of and record something about the book they just read.

Next to that is a box with an outline of an egg to decorate for Easter with three chicks looking down to admire.

And underneath that is a box for a summary of the book and the five-star rating to fill out.

There you have it! Easter themed worksheet to record a book that was read!

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I hope everyone enjoys and has a chance to read a good book!


Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and opinions to be taken in a non-professional manner. All worksheets on my site are free to use.

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