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Reading For Fun Worksheet: Draw A Cover

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

I don't need to say much about this worksheet, other than:

Draw a cover!

Draw a cover!

Draw a cover!

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As I'm sure you've figured out, the majority of this worksheet is taken up by a giant book with a blank cover. A wonderful creative exercise to get artistic juices flowing but also a great way to get kids thinking about the book they've read. And who doesn't want to design a book cover?

Other parts of the worksheet include, a section for book title, a section for author name, lines for a summary, and a five-star outline to color in a rating.

Simple, sweet, and so much fun!

I hope everyone has tons of inspiration for new covers for their newly read (and maybe even past read) books!


Click below to print (PDF)

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Happy Reading!




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