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Reading For Fun: Winter Worksheet

Now that January is in full swing we can really settle into the winter months. So, with the days colder there's never a more perfect time to pick up a book or inspire your kids to pick up that book they've been thinking about. Better yet, a trip to the library or bookstore may be in order.

And to go with that book is a great worksheet activity.

Below, I've made a winter-themed worksheet to satisfy all the winter readers out there. Grab some hot cocoa and read!

Click below for a printable PDF:

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Since this worksheet is all about winter, it's only right to ask what everyone's favorite thing about winter is....and also decorate a snowman. Perhaps your kid's favorite thing about winter is decorating snowmen—then this worksheet will be their favorite activity, ever.

But getting to the book portion, first are spaces to include the book title and author's name. And then a few lines to write what was liked about the book. Under that area are a few lines to include what was liked about the characters.

And as always, a space for a summary and to record a rating with five stars.

There you have it! Click the pictures above to print.

Happy reading, enjoy, and have a great winter!


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