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Reading For Fun Holiday: Independence Day

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Happy Independence Day! As we're all geared up for fireworks and everything red, white, and blue, let's also get geared up with a great reading worksheet!

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One of the great things about summer is the Fourth of July!

So to celebrate the fun times this year is a great worksheet.

At the top is an American Flag. I can guess that no kid is too far away from red and blue colored pencils to help bring the flag to life. Next to it explains how the thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies that founded our country and also how the fifty stars represent our states.

Underneath is a blank flag, where kids can come up with their own design for the book they've just read. Perhaps the flag represents the location the book was in. Or the main character's family. But my favorite is some sort of representation of the story itself.

Next to the flag are spots to explain what different parts of their flag means. Under is a spot for the book's title and author as well as the five-star rating and summary.

It's a great summer activity to remember a book that was read around this time of year. And a great way to break out the colored pencils to open up artistically and creatively.

There you have it!

Happy July 4th! I hope everyone gets to see some fireworks!


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Happy Reading!




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