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Reading For Fun: Draw A Character

I hope everyone is having a great time reading lately! I have a few new worksheet ideas stored up and thought it was the perfect time to post my latest creation.

For all the artists, and for those like me—who enjoy drawing no matter how the picture turns out, I have a new worksheet for you! Pick a character and draw their likeness. It should be however you see them, however you want it to look, and however it’s the most fun for you.

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What would a worksheet about books be without a space for the title and author? Not a worksheet about books, I bet! So, right at the top are boxes for the necessary information to proudly say what book you’ve accomplished and, hopefully, enjoyed!

Next, is a five-star outline to show your rating. Did you hate it? Think it was just okay? Or love it? Color in the stars to record your thoughts.

Then is the grand idea for the worksheet. Pick a character. And draw the character! The most important thing with this is to have fun!

A few questions help jog your memory about the character. What are they like? What’s their personality, what are their quirks, what’s their name and age? Any information will do! And how are you like/unlike the character? Are you both brave? Do you both have black hair? Do you both go to school and love math homework? Have fun with it!

And lastly, are some lines for a short summary of the book. Don’t be afraid to go long, just use the back of the page or scribble along the edges!

There you have it! A worksheet to draw a character and write a bit about them. Enjoy!

Happy Reading!


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