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Fall Reading For Fun Worksheet

With the leaves changing colors and decorating our lawns instead of our trees there is only one conclusion. Fall is here!

And of course, this calls for something special...a fall worksheet to use with any book to commemorate the season.

If you missed summer, winter, or spring, feel free to take a look and be prepared for when they roll around again:

But I won't keep you any further!

Happy Fall!

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With the cooler weather what could be more perfect than a trip to the library or bookstore? Grab a pumpkin-flavored anything and crack open a new book! Encourage everyone to some cozy reading time.

And once you're finished, print off a Fall worksheet! You can't go wrong!

At the top are spaces to record book title, author name, and a summary of the book. All great topics to look back on and remind yourself about the book you've taken the time to read and enjoy!

Underneath, are three pertinent questions. What season did the book take place in? What are you looking forward to this fall? And what was your favorite part of the book? Great talking points, conversation starters, and awesome questions kids love to answer.

For extra fall festivities, four leaves dance across the page to write four fun words about the book. They don't have to make sense to anyone but yourself! Fun is fun! There are no wrong answers!

Lastly, but always a great addition, is a five-star outline to rate the book.

And there you have it!

Happy Fall and Happy Reading!


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